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  • Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Release Candidate

    Kodi News Jan 15, 2021 | 17:00 pm

    Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Release Candidate And, off we go again. The dust settles on the festive season, so it's time for another pre-release to hit the streets... we're getting close to final release now, so we're moving out of Beta and into RC.If you want[…]

  • Refactoring of the Add-on Subsystem

    Kodi News Jan 1, 2021 | 14:00 pm

    Refactoring of the Add-on Subsystem Hey everybody,In June 2020 some suggestions on improvements to our add-on system were suggested by Matt Huisman and some minor changes were implemented. Who knew at the time but this turned into much more work both cleaning up the current[…]

  • Kodi @Remote Chaos Experience (RC3)

    Kodi News Dec 28, 2020 | 21:08 pm

    Heya fellow net dwellers,Right now the Remote Chaos Experience (RC3) is already running at full steam as virtual replacement for the 37th Chaos Communication Congress (37C3) that was supposed to be held in Leipzig, Germany, at exactly this time.While we[…]

  • Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Beta 2

    Kodi News Dec 6, 2020 | 16:45 pm

    Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Beta 2 So, here we go again. Nothing earth-shattering, just a quick note to tell you that the second Beta of Kodi 19.x "Matrix" is now available for installation.If you want to know the main features in this release series, please refer[…]

  • Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Beta 1

    Kodi News Nov 22, 2020 | 11:41 am

    Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Beta 1 Lights! Camera! Action!... nearly. It's Beta time for Kodi 19.x "Matrix", so let's take another step towards the Great Unveiling.As we now move into Beta, this release is much more about fixes than features: while there will be the odd[…]

  • New Sponsor Announcement: GoatCounter

    Kodi News Nov 12, 2020 | 20:37 pm

    Last year at FOSDEM, we were approached about our usage of analytics software on our websites that gives visitor data to big companies with servers located in countries with data protection laws that are less strict than what EU citizens[…]

  • Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Alpha 3

    Kodi News Nov 1, 2020 | 13:00 pm

    Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Alpha 3 So... drum roll...hot on the heels of 19.x "Matrix" Alpha 2, and after a quick detour for an unexpected 18.9 "Leia" release, we bring you the stunningly-named 19.x "Matrix" Alpha 3. This will hopefully be the last of our alpha[…]

  • Kodi "Leia" 18.9 Release

    Kodi News Oct 23, 2020 | 15:00 pm

    Kodi "Leia" 18.9 Release Mutter, mutter... "18.8 will be the last", they said... "all efforts will go into 19.x now", they said... famous last words...Okay, one more roll of the "Leia" die, although this one is really driven by circumstances beyond our control. Technical[…]

  • Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Alpha 2

    Kodi News Oct 6, 2020 | 03:00 am

    Kodi 19.x "Matrix" - Alpha 2 It's been more than a month since our last "preview" release, so it's time we boxed up something new for everyone.The usual drill applies: this is an alpha, some things will be broken, your home is at risk if something[…]

  • Kodi/Inputstream Adaptive Presentation - 24 September 2020

    Kodi News Sep 23, 2020 | 12:09 pm

    Kodi/Inputstream Adaptive Presentation - 24 September 2020 This is just a quick blog post to tell you about a presentation that might be of interest. Glenn Guy (Aussie Addons) is giving a presentation on Meetup this Thursday, 24th September, at 18:00 AEST (07:00 UTC) for the Sydney[…]

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